Go Big and Stay Home: 4 Ways to Ensure Your Floors are Party Ready, Post-Pandemic

Go Big and Stay Home: 4 Ways to Ensure Your Floors are Party Ready, Post-Pandemic

While you may have grown accustomed to a social life built on social distancing, it’s comforting to remember that it won’t always be this way. The days of hosting parties, family gatherings, and game nights with all of your friends will eventually return. But will you and your home be ready when they do? Here are four things to consider now so that you’re prepared for when you can resume hosting duties.

What type of events will you host (and where)?

When considering what parts of your home might need some attention before they’re guest-ready, you should consider where you want your guests to primarily gather. What kind of event do you enjoy hosting, and where would it work best in your space?

  • Book Club: Think about the space in your home where your literary minded friends gather to discuss their latest pick. Do you prefer the coziness of your living room or a tabletop discussion in the formal dining room?
  • Game Night: Whether you prefer bunko, Monopoly, or Dungeons and Dragons, when planning a stellar game night, you should consider what environment would be most conducive to an unforgettable gaming experience. Perhaps your finished basement would work well, or if proximity to snacks is a priority, the kitchen table might be perfect.
  • Holiday Gatherings: If you traditionally play host for a holiday party or family get together, consider where your guests naturally congregate. Do festivities tend to centralize in the kitchen? Or is the living room the place to be?

Whatever kind of gathering you host, you can’t go wrong with luxury vinyl floors. With realistic visuals that look like wood and stone, and performance that stands up to anything you spill or drop on it, Pergo Extreme has you covered.

What kind of host are you?

Do you plan every detail of your event, from traffic flow and lighting to menu and agenda? Or are you all about creating a comfortable environment and allowing things to unfold organically? Different types of party hosts require different things from their homes to ensure the ideal event.

  • The Ultimate Host: You’ve thought of everything, and it shows. Your guests’ glasses are always full, and your events are known for being impeccably curated and thoughtfully designed.
  • The Easy-Going Host: You’ve got an inviting space, plenty of snacks, and a guest list of people you enjoy – what more could you ask for? You’re confident that when good people gather, good times are always had.
  • The Fun Host: You’re focused on making sure your guests have an amazing time, and that means designing an environment with great music, exciting entertainment, and lighting to match the mood.
  • The Take-Your-Shoes-Off Host: You like things to be a certain way, and you don’t mind asking your friends to help you keep your home pristine. You want everyone to have a good time…as long as they use coasters.

No matter what kind of host you are, luxury vinyl flooring makes it easy to offer guests a good time without the stress of worrying about your floors. Whether your guests are dancing with their shoes on, eating without a plate, or spilling their drinks, you can relax knowing your floors are fine. And if you choose Pergo Extreme, you can be sure your guests will be raving about your beautiful floors.

What will be served?

All the time we’ve spent cooking for ourselves and testing out new recipes has got to pay off sometime, right? Flexing your culinary muscles is a time-honored part of hosting a party, and considering what sort of refreshments you’ll serve at your events can be a factor in what floorings and textiles you choose for your space.

  • Hors d’oeuvres: Everyone loves having a variety of foods available with the freedom to graze when it suits them. Pick a central location for your hors d’oeuvres to keep spills to a minimum.
  • Full Dinner: Ready to channel your inner Martha Stewart? A traditional multi-course dinner party is always a crowd-pleaser. Lighting and décor are just as important as the menu when you’re hosting a dinner.
  • Open Bar: Have you been practicing your bartending skills in preparation for when you can finally host friends again for cocktail night? Polish off your martini shaker, grab your selection of homemade bitters, and make sure your floors can handle the occasional spill from your appreciative guests!

Whether your guests are wearing a path to the hors d’oeuvres table, popping champagne bottles at the bar, or scooting their chairs in and out at the dinner table, Pergo Extreme luxury vinyl floors provide a beautiful focal point of your home design while standing up to whatever the night brings.

The Who, What, Where and How Often

If playing host used to be a big part of your social calendar, you’re probably eager to assume your party-planning duties once again. Whether your ideal gathering is a weekly game night in the kitchen, Sunday dinners in the dining room, or a party in the basement, your perfect home-entertaining floor should be dent-proof, scratch-proof, waterproof and easy to care for.

While heavy foot traffic, spills, and splashes in your home may be a welcome sight after so many months of relative isolation, you—and your guests—will have more fun if you’re not stressed about your floors.