Is carpet a pet-friendly choice?

Is carpet a pet-friendly choice?

Don’t think for one moment that you have to deprive your home of soft, luxurious carpeting just because you have pets. Manufacturers are developing rugs that combine beauty and style with extra stain resistance, high durability, and sound absorption with today's technology. The latter is significant because it muffles barking, whimpering, meowing, scratching, and tapping pet nails. This makes them the ideal choice for Fido, FiFi, and humans alike.

SmartStrand: Tested by pets!

SmartStrand, manufactured by Mohawk, was tested by a 5400-pound rhinoceros before coming to market. For two weeks, this carpet lined the rhino's cage and was subjected to his stomping around, so you can well imagine the mess and wear that was created. However, at the end of two weeks, all the soft surface floor covering needed was a warm water hose-down. By the way, the rhino's weight equaled 337 pug dogs, one Ford 150 pick-up truck, and 135 messy kids, so it's safe to say it will stand up to housepets!

At our carpet store, you'll also see EverStrand, a blend with Triexta fiber. Triexta, developed by DuPont, the same company that brought us nylon, has a reputation for ultra-strength and permanent stain resistance built into the fiber.

What’s PureColor?

These are fibers come in some Engineered Floors-Dream Weaver carpets. Nylon and polyester PureColor fibers have the color "baked in'' during the manufacturing process. This is different from the traditional method of first producing the rug, then dying it, offering a soft surface with high durability and advanced soil and stain resistance.

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