What to know about carpet flooring and stretching

What to know about carpet flooring and stretching

As you shop for carpeting, you'll hear many terms you might not have heard before, including stretching. Carpet stretching is necessary for every new flooring installation to ensure the best possible results.

If you're new to the stretching concept, some things could help you understand the process better. So here are some facts to help you do that before your starting your remodeling process.

Stretching as part of the installation

The stretching portion of carpet installation helps ensure the best performance for your new flooring. It prevents bunching, wrinkling, and excessive wear, with outstanding results, especially over time.

Your floor covering will last longer, as a result, and you’ll have plenty of confidence moving forward. This process also ensures that dust, dirt, and allergens cannot settle into uneven areas to be stirred up later, causing breathing issues.

Stretching as a form of flooring maintenance

Restretching is another service that can become necessary over time as your carpet ages and wears. This service helps to straighten and tighten your carpet, which is otherwise in good condition.

Stretching can alleviate the need for flooring replacement by bringing your floors back to better functionality, especially in busy spaces. Contact us for further carpeting information if you think your floor covering might need restretching.

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