Likely, polyester and nylon carpet flooring are just right for your home if you install carpeting in more than one area. Each is most suitable for specific locations because of its makeup.

House of Flooring in Appleton provides a wide variety of carpet styles that offer functionality and an attractive look that will enhance the room decor.

Amount of foot traffic

While nylon is a tough, long-lasting fiber laid in active areas of your home, polyester is best for spaces with little foot traffic. Polyester's bright colors and soft feel make it the perfect carpet for a bedroom.

When deciding which fiber is preferable for a specific area, remember that nylon carpeting is more resilient or can bounce back from compression.


Polyester carpet is an eco-friendly floor covering made of several materials, including beverage bottles. Because the difference in composition and the manufacturing process is not as complex, polyester is a less costly fiber than nylon.

If you have young children, you may want to install polyester carpet flooring in a family room and replace it when they are older.

Fiber comparison

In a nutshell, these are the differences between nylon and polyester floor covering:

● Polyester is more susceptible to matting and crushing, so nylon is the more durable fiber.

● As a result, matte colors are the norm for nylon carpet, while polyester carpet comes in bright colors.

● In addition, nylon is absorbent and is treated for stain resistance, but polyester is a hydrophobic fiber. Thus it naturally repels liquid and, therefore, spills and stains.

● Polyester is more budget-friendly than nylon carpet.

● In addition, polyester carpets are considered to be a 'green' product.

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